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Music Supervision

A London and Los Angeles based company established in June 2005 by Sue Crawshaw, a music industry professional for over 20 years, Pick And Mix Music specialises in Music Supervision for Film, TV, Video games and Music Publishing Administration.

A personal service set up for UK independent music companies (record companies / publishers and managers) to market their artists and composers to US and UK Music Supervisors and advertising agencies. In addition to an exclusive delivery service, to the people that matter, Pick and Mix Music is in constant communication with the music supervisors and creatives to help them source their specific music requirements for each project and then pitch the appropriate material. Pick and Mix Music can also assist in the preparation and drafting of all necessary licensing agreements and paperwork.

Since starting the company Pick and Mix Music has rapidly gained a reputation for providing good quality music emerging from the UK and providing a valuable service to both music supervisors and clients represented by Pick & Mix Music.

Catalogue Administration

Pick and Mix Music is also able to assist publishing and record companies in administering their catalogues and masters:


  • PRS / MCPS Memberships
  • PRS / MCPS JWF completions for all repertoire
  • Tracking down royalties worldwide
  • Royalty Accounting
  • Sourcing International Sub-publishers
  • Sourcing master licensing opportunities
  • Representation at MIDEM
Record Labels
  • AP1 / AP2 applications with MCPS
  • AP1 NIR Forms for single and album releases
  • AP2 Forms for Single and album releases
  • CATCO Registrations for PPL income
Sample Clearance

Take the headache out of the sample clearance process, from the initial tracking down of both Master and Publishing rights owners through the negotiation of quotes and terms to the final stages of drawing up contracts ready for countersignature. Pick and Mix Music has a wide knowledge and enjoys good relationships with both US and UK companies along with an understanding of the special requirements of independent companies when clearing samples.